Ultra-voguish ‘Club Vicious’ near Termini

We partook of a cheap store-bought falanghina wine waiting for the 2am opening of the uber-exclusive club Vicious, Via Achille Grandi 7/a (not far from Termini). Search www.atac.it for a bus route near you. Once there we were met with men in black suits behind red velvet ropes and an expression of wilful uncaring at anyone who approached. Hovering there, I was doubtful we’d get in. A woman emerged with fashionable black hair shaved at the sides (a look in Rome), and mentioned my name. The place was luckily connected with the creatively vintage Micca Club where I sing professional Jazz. With a flurry we were whisked inside and down to the depths (€15 in, smart dress code).

Club Vicious. Smoke machines,  low lighting and  gleaming metal gave the place an air of a sci-fi spaceship, equipped with half-dressed alien waifs a foot taller than us. I imagined predator clicking hidden in the dark recesses. We shared an overpriced drink and headed for the dancefloor with mooning shades shifting to the low bass thud of the dance music. This is where the hip elite have fun. Young architects, stylists and fashionistas. Did I detect a faint whif of daddy’s money, or was I just jealous of their fab attire?

Finding our way out at 5am I roused myself with the gloomy knowledge of having no night bus nearby. Check for night bus routes when sipping that pre-night out drink at home, you’ll thank yourself later. Long walks are a thing in Rome. The grey early light seeping into the sky livened up my now shattered brain just long enough to enjoy the trip home along the ancient crumbling walls. http://www.viciousclub.com/



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