Acrobax, Rome. The meaning of underground

acrobax outside 2To find out why San Paolo is the area to watch search ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. Ex dog race track (in italian ‘cinodromo’) turned hippy club campus, Acrobax was transformed by a group of free thinkers to create a flowing narrative for Rome’s alternative music and art scene. Live contemporary art shows, electronic music festivals and reggae club nights are just a glimpse of Acrobax’s multi-faceted, culturally aware programme. Innovative graffiti art adorns the huge open plan multi use space,  reminiscent of a club in Berlin’s famous underground creative scene. It also boasts a rehearsal area where many of Rome’s atypical bands rehearse (myself among them as part of a jaz/reggae group ‘Etruska Jazz’). Inside the vibe is relaxed and welcoming. Clued in revellers of various nationalities along with locals come here for Acrobax’s laid back atmosphere, compelling events and cheap drinks and aperitivo (€5 for a drink and a meal).

acrobax insideA mini village of smaller garage like blocks surround the open club space with bars and courtyards where an eclectic mix of inspired bands charm the crowds. The organisers want to create a dialogue on changing the world’s habits of consumerism and separation of cultures and at the same time host the best parties in town. Nightlife in Rome will never seem the same once you enter the world of Acrobax.


acrobax blu3Hidden from the main street in San Paolo at the back of a car park, a clue to the fun within is Acrobax’s new face, a massive satirical mural complete with 3d columns and arches by infamous clandestine graffiti artist Blu. Blu is also responsible for other fantastic street art in the uber cool Testaccio in Rome (search keyword tab for Testaccio articles). Venture within Acrobax and discover Rome’s thriving alternative life.

Acrobax, Via della Vasca Navale, 6

Check out the website for different events (The site is in Italian but Google translate is a click away)



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