Terme di Cretone. An oasis of natural baths to beat the summer heat in Rome, Italy.

Terme di Cretone, an oasis of Natural Baths in Rome.

Beat the summer heat at these natural spring baths in Rome, Italy.  I have found THE thing to do to beat the incessant cloying heat of the summer in Rome. … Continue Reading →

Festivals and nightlife in ex-Fort, Rome.

FORTE PRENESTINO – Festivals and nightlife in ex-Fort, Rome

Experience the gritty urban side of Rome at CSOA Forte Prenestino, the home of alternative art and music. Previously an abandoned 19th century military fort, Forte Prenestino was occupied and renovated … Continue Reading →

Best Seafood Restaurants near Rome, Italy. undergroundinsider.com

The Best Seafood restaurants near Rome.

My picks for best seafood restaurants on the beach near Rome, Italy.    I am a lucky gal in Italy in the fact that my boyfriend who is from Rome … Continue Reading →

acrobax cinodromo

Acrobax, Rome. The meaning of underground

To find out why San Paolo is the area to watch search ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. Ex dog race track (in italian ‘cinodromo’) turned hippy club campus, Acrobax was … Continue Reading →

Orvieto clock

Orvieto and the case of the inverted tower.

Getting out of the city and experiencing the slower paced Italian life is a popular activity for Rome inhabitants. Orvieto, only an hour away on the train, is a beautiful … Continue Reading →


Micca Club, Rome’s speakeasy spectacular

Set hidden beneath the streets in true speakeasy fashion with exposed brick and velvet seats, this plush tongue-in-cheek venue is the most creatively vintage club in Rome.  It is Rome’s … Continue Reading →

Square in Rome

Liquid refreshments in Trastevere

In touristy Trastevere you might be befuddled by the many Happy Hour signs and be unsure as to where to park your weary tush for a few well deserved victuals. … Continue Reading →

Park pic

Park Life

Discover what is hidden behind ancient walls or atop one of the seven hills in Rome’s lush parks. Parks surprisingly hold everything you could want from a day in Rome. Rome … Continue Reading →

Charity drums

A bar that’s all about the music, Monti

Charity Cafe. To find out why the Monti area is Trastevere’s cooler brother check out the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. In the hiatus between Rome’s summer life and autumn life … Continue Reading →

porto fluviale

Warehouse diner in hip foody Testaccio

To find out why Testaccio has its finger on the pulse of Rome, check out the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. I often passed by Porto Fluviale and wondered about … Continue Reading →