Festivals and nightlife in ex-Fort, Rome.

FORTE PRENESTINO – Festivals and nightlife in ex-Fort, Rome

Experience the gritty urban side of Rome at CSOA Forte Prenestino, the home of alternative art and music. Previously an abandoned 19th century military fort, Forte Prenestino was occupied and renovated … Continue Reading →

acrobax cinodromo

Acrobax, Rome. The meaning of underground

To find out why San Paolo is the area to watch search ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. Ex dog race track (in italian ‘cinodromo’) turned hippy club campus, Acrobax was … Continue Reading →


Micca Club, Rome’s speakeasy spectacular

Set hidden beneath the streets in true speakeasy fashion with exposed brick and velvet seats, this plush tongue-in-cheek venue is the most creatively vintage club in Rome.  It is Rome’s … Continue Reading →

Square in Rome

Liquid refreshments in Trastevere

In touristy Trastevere you might be befuddled by the many Happy Hour signs and be unsure as to where to park your weary tush for a few well deserved victuals. … Continue Reading →

Charity drums

A bar that’s all about the music, Monti

Charity Cafe. To find out why the Monti area is Trastevere’s cooler brother check out the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. In the hiatus between Rome’s summer life and autumn life … Continue Reading →


Magnificent ‘floating market’, River Tiber

One of the things that makes up for the stuffy summer heat in Rome is the magical white canopied market  lining the river Tiber, hidden below the tall imposing riverside … Continue Reading →


Dystopian industrial club village, Testaccio

Gasometro is on the pulse of Rome’s alternative nightlife. It is a dystopian after hours village right out of the film ‘Mad Max’. A forgotten industrial area by the river … Continue Reading →

gregory-s-jazz-club upstairs

Jazz Bliss, Spagna

To find out more about how the Spagna (Spanish Steps) area has hidden deals, go to the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page for ‘Spagna’. Ascend the marble Spanish steps and take … Continue Reading →


Outdoor Clubbing capital, San Giovanni

Find out why San Giovanni has hidden secrets on the ‘Areas of Rome’ page. The warm summer nights bring out the playful side of Rome. Open June to August two clubs flank … Continue Reading →


Al fresco drinking, Monti

Monti comes alive in the evening and it’s beating heart is the Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, taken from the church of the same name. Grab a bottle of wine … Continue Reading →