Finger on the pulse, Testaccio

Many who live in Rome hear rumblings of this working class turned hipster zone. Testaccio has its finger on the pulse of Rome’s culinary, artistic and cultural modern delights. Search  for a bus route near you. Sitting on a man-made hill of Ancient Roman merchant pots, Testaccio is spearheading modern Rome repossessing forgotten picturesque warehouses that were used in the area’s commercial heyday. This innovative area is found south of the centre across the river Tiber from quaint Trastevere. The area underwent a social change from worker class corner to hipster haven in recent years and is now full of attractions. A state of the art museum now occupies a spacious ex-slaughterhouse. An eye catching restaurant reminiscent of a boathouse club from the 50’s offers refined Italian dishes and American staples too. For info on where to go here search keyword tab for ‘Testaccio’, or try the other UI Pages.

Tips: Just over the river is the infamous sprawling Porta Portese Sunday market. Nearby is also the subtropical Non-Catholic Cemetary to spend a few romantic hours. (search keyword tab for more info)



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