Garbatella, local foody heaven in forgotten splendor

Garbatella looks too good to be just a quiet leafy neighborhood. The curved rococo or baroque like palazzi (buildings) with perfect rust of orange and terracotta cascading down the facade impresses on you a forgotten past age of splendor. The 1920’s plan of a ‘Garden City’ of central social areas around small blocks marks it apart and gives you the feeling of other worldliness, like a forgotten film set. The social spaces are enveloped with an abundance of plant life for a relaxed feel while the aging edifices add romanticism. Local bars offer a lively laid back place for evening fun, sitting amongst the pretty surroundings. The area is local foody heaven with small quaint and simple restaurants offering high quality and down to earth atmosphere. Here you get great traditional food for cheap, and a real authentic experience.  There is also an historic theater ”Teatro Palladium’ which holds film and music events. Get off the metro red line at ‘Garbatella’. For where to go here search our keyword tab for ‘Garbatella’, or search the UI pages. Nestled behind the newly installed DNA-shaped bridge, this place also offers easy access to the new delights of San Paolo (search keyword tab for San Paolo).



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