A bar that’s all about the music, Monti

Charity band playingCharity Cafe. To find out why the Monti area is Trastevere’s cooler brother check out the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. In the hiatus between Rome’s summer life and autumn life there is one music venue that stays open all year long. I searched for some live music for a Saturday night. The usual suspects that offer music delight in the city were not yet done with their summer holidays and stay closed until mid-late September. Then Charity Café popped into my mind. One of the few venues that stays open, it is right smack in the middle of buzzing Monti. Charity Café offers a wide range of live vintage vibrations  including Jazz, bebop and blues every evening in a pared back, intimate, ‘getting back to the music’ atmosphere. On the night I arrived a blues and jazz twosome were entertaining the punters. Relaxed and technically tuneful, they played around with classics from Etta James and Nat King Cole. An impromptu invitation to a drummer and keyboardist upped the excitement and the full sound burst forth with shuffling tempo showing the virtuosity of the original two. If you know your stuff, then you can really play with it. The young vocalist became animated, contorting her face and hitching her long skirt up, taken away by the music. The guitarist played with the tempo, often slowing to a rhythmic crawl just to deliver a twang with a punch before the end of a solo. This was a concert filled with laughter, mixed with whoops of encouragement from the crowd, who were perched shoulder to shoulder on cinema-style benches or stools right under the stage. Charity café is cosy, unpretentious, and all about the music.


Viminal Hill, 68, Rome

Open every day : Mon-Fri 10pm- 2am, Sat & Sun 6pm-2am

Concerts start around 10.15pm, get there earlier for a seat.

Price – No entrance fee but first drink is €8 (as a kind of entrance/for the band), then average prices (€5 pint of beer or liquer). Cocktails are good quality.



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