Jazz Bliss, Spagna

Gregorys barTo find out more about how the Spagna (Spanish Steps) area has hidden deals, go to the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page for ‘Spagna’. Ascend the marble Spanish steps and take Via Gregoriana on the right past a quirky palazzo with gaping mouth for a doorway. Tucked away on this affluent street on no.54/a, is a living shrine to the high era of jazz.  This is for the serious jazz lovers who enjoy talented Italian and international musicians in an intimate sophisticated bar harking back to the New York jazz golden age.  Low lit and oozing cool, bottles of all colours adorn the walls behind the owner as he welcomes you from the bar with a nod into this time warp. Take a small candle lit table by the bar or follow the sound of thumping double bass or tinkling piano upstairs to where there is live music most nights. The audience is in shadow reclining on snug lounge chairs and sofas. The vibe is of a secret members club while the rest of the Spagna area is sleeping. Free in, drinks list is refined, prices about €6-10. Depending on the night you will find bepob, Dixieland, swing and more. Free entry, you can have dinner from 6.30pm and or arrive for the concerts starting at 10pm. www.gregorysjazz.com (Closed in August)



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