Liquid refreshments in Trastevere

Piazza santa maria trastevereIn touristy Trastevere you might be befuddled by the many Happy Hour signs and be unsure as to where to park your weary tush for a few well deserved victuals. Locals do flock here in the evenings for a ‘passegiata’ (a stroll) and a drink despite Trastevere’s tourist reputation. Here are a few tips on how the romans do it.





Due to the pleasing weather there is a culture in Rome of drinking outside in central piazzas.

Bar San CalistoBar San Calisto

If you want to feel like you’ve mastered the local’s way of socialising in Trastevere, try Bar San Calisto right beside the beautiful Piazza Santa Maria. I was amazed at the low prices (my gigantic tequila was €2) in this old world café teaming with life. Locals swear by this place and many chat outside or head to the steps on the nearby fountain in the piazza with their cheap spoils. San Calisto is quite simple once you learn to navigate it, as it works like an Italian café rather than a bar; Go to the cashier by the door first to pay for your drink, take your receipt to the bar and they will provide in generous amounts.  Street performers and musicians usually congregate in the piazza, nothing like a few drinks and a show under the stars in Trastevere.

Bar San Calisto, Piazza di San Calisto, 3

Open 6am-2am


Mr Brown

Right in the thick of Trastevere’s nightlife tucked down one of its many winding streets is the infamous Mr Brown. Small but mighty, this bar is no muss, no fuss with cheap generously filled drinks. With chatty staff and fresh cocktails, this place is a great stop off option. Try taking your drinks outside on the nearby buzzing Piazza Trilussa or on the ‘Ponte Sisto’ bridge overlooking the river. The bar is a little dingy and small so it’s often hard to find seats, and don’t try the bathroom if you want to live. Saying that, this popular bar offers great deals for take away drinks (cocktails €3).

Mr Brown, Vicolo del Cinque 29

Open every day 7pm-2am




FreniFreni & Frizioni

Meaning ‘brakes and clutches’ this bar, removed from its working class origins is now as trendy as you can get. Attracting hip socialites in droves most evenings, patrons also spill outside to chat on the spacious outdoor area overlooking the streets of Trastevere. It used to be a local favourite, now grown to be slightly overly popular it however gives you a feeling of being in the spotlight of fashionable Rome. Drinks, in correlation to the popularity, have risen , but they stay creative with their beverages with good quality wines and imported beers.

Freni e Frizioni, Via del Politeama 4-6 (up the stairs).

Open every day : 6.30pm-2.30am

€8 for drink and buffet snacks (aperitivo 7-10pm)


friendsCafé Friends

A cheaper version with a cosmopolitan crowd is Café Friends, a favourite meeting point in Trastevere right on Piazza Trilussa. Open for breakfast, lunch or night time revelry right on a popular piazza, the result is an eclectic lively mix of people with affordable drinks. Aperitivo is favored here with a good size self-service buffet that changes regularly.

Café Friends, Piazza Trilussa

Open every day 7.30am – 2am

Aperitivo €8 with drink included from 7pm





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