Outdoor Clubbing capital, San Giovanni

angelo-mai doorFind out why San Giovanni has hidden secrets on the ‘Areas of Rome’ page. The warm summer nights bring out the playful side of Rome. Open June to August two clubs flank each other to create a hub of outdoor frenzied merriment. Choose from the two and find any style of music you like, from reggea or dustep to club classics and dance the night away. Situated on Via San Sebastiano, night buses go right there. Just check www.atac.it and search a route near you. Between the two venues you will find live music, markets and events alongside the club experience. When I lived right down the steet in San Giovanni the thumping of the music would stir my club desire and was usually my choice at the weekends.
angelo mai inside1.     At Angelo Mai, I have many dreamy and fun packed memories of revelling in the summer air deep into the night. During the winter months this corregated steel factory-like building holds some of the most avant guarde and progressive concerts and events in Rome (I once sat on astro turf indoors witnessing a David Lynch style mind trip of film installation and Nick Cave like live music) its artistic aspiations flow into the summer months. With a €5 entrance a garden path littered with candles behind the main building leads you up to another level past rusty playground objects to a park area turned open air dance floor and bar. Drinks average at €5. Here you’ll get the most ecclectic and danceable tunes. From dubstep infused reggea and latin, to 60′s blues injected with techno. This is my favourite of the two club capitals. If  you want something away from the same old club tunes this is your diversion. The crowd is always on a high here, filled with positive vibes. My only warning would be to bring comfy shoes, after wantonly abbandoning yourself in this club of eden, the next day you’re going to have dirty ass shoes. Www.angelomai.org
 Roma vintage outdoor2.     Next door is the bigger and more organised clubbing experience of Roma vintage. From June this hedonistic outdoor world takes over a closed park and churns out music 7 days a week. Market stalls and amusement park games line the entrance path. Every evening there are events, performances and live music followed until the early hours with DJ sets in two different areas. Each night has a theme and as you might expect during the week the club experiments with alternative or world influenced nights such as rock and roll or electronic/tango, leading up to a climax of dance infused club hits, dubstep and electro at the weekend. Keep an eye on the type of music being played in the two areas though. I paid €10 and was recently stuck bopping to predictable indie that wasn’t loud enough late on a Saturday and couldn’t get in to the other area without paying again. Drinks are about €7. This gay friendly club machine is more packed and more expensive than Angelo Mai but does have a mammoth list of events for you to find just the right club mix for your party needs. Www.romavintage.it



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