Pasta as the Romans know it, Spagna

To find out how the fancy Spagna (Spanish Steps) area has secret good deals go to the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. For lunch, if you want a bite of the fast paced down-to-earth roman experience unlike what you’ve seen before then go to Pastificio. It opens at 1pm in a flurry for an hour’s service. Line up at the counter, pick one of two generous and delicious daily handmaid pasta dishes, ask for wine if you like (water is supplied on the tables) and make your way to the small counter space. The pasta comes every day in different and imaginative shapes and flavours such as ‘orrechiette con zucchini’ (little ears with courgette), all with that truly Italian al dente bite and for a measly €4. Don’t be afraid of the pace and the small size, seats often open up quickly, as there’s no messing about here. No food, no seat.

Dishes incl. wine and water € 4, Via della Croce 8, Open 1pm-2pm.



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