Patriotic dining and drinks, Spagna

To find out how the fancy Spagna (Spanish Steps) area has secret good deals go to the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. This place makes you want to come back every time. With modern pared back design, this state sponsored winebar/restaurant still offers a relaxed atmosphere with only locally sourced products. Get off the red metro line at ‘Spagna’. We were already charmed when free olives and crackerbread came with our crisp and cool Silvestri Prosecco for just €3. They know how to spoil. In the ultra-expensive area around the Spanish Steps, this place is refreshingly hassle free and high quality. The menu, making use of its local products, changes with the seasons giving their authentic ingredients the best stage to perform. Its great for an evening drink or a full on meal right in the centre that Romans also love. The menu has a modern element of class with imaginative dishes like ‘Insalata con Nervetti’(salad with stewed tendons) and a down to earth style is also honoured with staple dishes such as carbonara (no cream here, only shining egg yolks and parmesan) or sinful cacio e pepe (thick,cheesy and silky). It almost seems shamefully deviant to cheat the tourist trap that is the Spanish Steps area, that’s why I love going back.

Open Mon-Saturday for lunch and dinner, closed Sunday. Via Frattina, 94.



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