San Lorenzo, the word of mouth district

San Lorenzo will give you the feeling of secret Rome before you’ve entered the first poster clad funky bar. The area is hidden behind the ancient wall on termini’s east side. La Sapienza University provides it with a constant influx of new artistic punters with low cash flow.  This means cheap fun. This is a word of mouth kind of place. No twinkling lights and cobblestones await with waiters in white aprons.  Its packed urban feel dates back to its origins of being a makeshift area for workers who developed the city at the beginning of the 1900’s. It has a rebellious if unlucky history. It was attacked by both sides of World War II which led to much destruction (first by Mussolini for opposing his March on Rome, then in 1943 when the allies bombed the area killing 3,000). The area fell to decay with the lack of good transport. Its pretty simple to get to though if you know how. Search for a route for you. A tram goes to ‘Scalo San Lorenzo/Sardi’, walk up Via Sardi past shabby blocks and inspired graffiti art and swing a left of Via Sabelli to get to the main Piazza dell’Immacolata.  The hub of commotion is centered here (with a church of the same name in neo Romanesque style). Students and young professionals sit and add to the flowing banter with the cheapest drinks in Rome. This is no frills youthful, gritty energy. For where to go here search the keyword tab for ‘San Lorenzo’, or check the other UI pages.



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