Slaughterhouse modern art space, Testaccio

The historic building’s past is still very  tangible as you wander in the barn like halls with  19th century iron frameworks and suspended meats hooks. This ex slaughterhouse now acts as a unique stage for a creative contemporary state run exhibition space, namely Macro on Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4, in Testaccio. Search  for a bus route near you. This is the lesser known and cheaper offshoot of the sleek and larger Macro on Via Nizza. The modern industrial feel of Macro Testaccio adds to the general vibe of youthful energy that prevails in the popular lively bars and restaurants in the arty Testaccio area. Noted for its photographic displays this is a large multi-use space that also hosts installations and contemporary art. The size often allows for an array of artists in group exhibitions under one stimulating theme. Right round the corner from the huge Porta Portese morning market, I often do some market shopping, grab lunch in the area and saunter over for the macro’s opening at 4pm (open until 10pm). Tickets are €6, €4 for students.



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