Spagna, Good deals if you know where to look

IMG_6570I work in a romantic literature museum nestled cosily at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. It sits across the piazza from the designer clothing mecca that is the Spagna area. Amidst the over-hyped and overpriced eateries here, good deals are just around the corner. Get off the metro red line at ‘Spagna’. Don’t get caught out like me and spend €21 for reheated pasta in tomato sauce! My eyes were opened to the local’s experience of Spagna when a friend’s roman dad showed me where all the best hidden spots were. I enjoy the stunning view from the Keats and Shelley Museum of trim palm trees and cobbles with horse carriages following the shade of the day across the piazza. I am greeted with the ‘ugly boat’ 17th century freshwater fountain and the pristine quaint palazzi fringed with lush rooftop gardens. This area was once surrounded by hills full of bandits and was inhabited at one point by artists and writers (including Keats) from England who took cheap rooms in the many guesthouses. Fast forward a few centuries and the story is very different with 5 star hotels and luxury shopping, where names like Prada and Gucci reign. The step’s grandeur is a marked difference from the dirt hill that used to connect the piazza before the 1720′s to the French built Trinita di Monti church.  The steps were possibly nicknamed Spanish because of a Spanish embassy nearby on the piazza. To catch the weary tourists here there are tacky and relatively expensive restaurants that draw poor victims in like a web. I direct people to more cost friendly, less touristy spots to eat and drink here. Plus there’s more. Not known for a busy nightlife it however holds one of the best secret jazz clubs in the city and bars that have high quality, low price products made right in Lazio area (state of Rome) with tantalising prices. Also the evening will save you not being able to see the steps for the crowds that fill the area during the day. For great things to do here use the keyword tab to search ‘Spagna’ or try the UI pages.



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