Surprise Museum gem, San Paolo

IMG_6490Check out why San Paolo is set to be the new hang out haven in the ‘UI Areas of Rome’

The Montemartini Museum on Via Ostiense has been heralded as one of the most unique and underappreciated museums in Rome. A previous gigantic electrical plant, it’s huge iron structures of cogs and wheels form a striking backdrop for an ancient Roman sculpture collection taken from the famous Capitoline Museums. I was told about this place by an ex-professor and member of the board that supports the museum where I give talks. We were dining on fresh scallops on his plush balcony, moments from Circus Maximus (ah how the other half live) when he said it was hands down the best museum in Rome. Other reports where of a similar vein so I tried it with a friend. I was struck by the beautiful contrast of marble and metal, modernity and eternity. The electrical plant is in itself a work of art. I can see why this becomes many people’s favourite museum for what I would call its utter otherness.



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