That’s me.

I am a professional singer, painter and literary museum guide and now reviewer of all things roman, working on this site and as a freelance writer for exciting websites on Rome such as Romeing and BuzzinRome. I always try to follow my heart to find a purpose, a sometimes an elusive wish, and the way at times seems hidden. But the idea of living on what I am good at has always directed me. I started living here as an Erasmus student with little Italian to doing work that challenges me, speaking Italian every day and living with a wonderful roman man.


Links to video performances in Rome  Etruskajazz, mix of ska, reggae and jazz music, Rome based musicians  Jazz classics in femme fatale style show, Micca Club Rome.   Two Man Big Band, soul and blues collaboration, voice and roman bassist only.


My Life in more detail

My journey is a constantly shifting tale. I worked hard in Dublin, Ireland to set up a vocal group and at 20 I was signed to Universal Music UK. For a few years I experienced the high flying life of touring, recording, appearances, fashion shoots and more. However we inevitably experienced the darker side of corporate music with little to no pay and no creative input. I left having felt unsatisfied. I then set up a non-profit art organisation which held group exhibitions of up and coming contemporary artists in Dublin, many of whom are now very successful on the European art scene. This period also marked my first art shows and my painting career. I eventually began to hold solo public shows of my work and working privately with galleries. I went to college to study Italian and Music in UCD, Dublin. At the same time I cultivated my love of jazz music singing part time in lakeside castles and breath-taking seaside venues in Ireland. I bought a house with my long-term boyfriend and had two beautiful cats. Life was cosy. But there were troubled waters and a need in me to continue searching. I went to Rome as an Erasmus student (having previously dragged my boyfriend on holidays to Italy for years). I experienced all the responsibility free antics of a foreign student with many friends, lots of new places and little study. I landed a job as a jazz performing femme fatale in a prestigious vintage club in Rome. By the end of the year my liver and bank account were groaning and my Italian had suffered, what with all the English speaking students on hand. I decided to go cold turkey and try Rome out on my own and make a real go of it. It was an unsure time, leaving everything I knew at home including my relationship and casting out on my own with no security and not enough work. At the same time my affection for a roman friend grew into a love affair with a passionate, beautiful and caring man. After the Erasmus bus packed up and went on its merry way, I  worked hard to set up a life for myself in Rome and to experience as much of the local culture as I can. I moved in with my roman man who opened up a whole new world in Rome for me while amazing me with his huge heart and capacity for love, very latin! I sing jazz, blues and reggae in various hip venues in Rome, I write reviews on events, I give guides in a romantic literature museum and I continue to sell my artwork. It’s a long list but then I always did have a fluid way of life. All these experiences I have gone through have shown me a whole other side to Rome. I am happy to share what I would have liked to know when first coming to this hectic, majestic and eternal city.




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