The Best Seafood restaurants near Rome.

My picks for best seafood restaurants on the beach near Rome, Italy.

The Best Seafood Restaurants near Rome.


I am a lucky gal in Italy in the fact that my boyfriend who is from Rome brings me to places I would never otherwise find. Eating seafood beachside is a favourite pastime of ours, a perfect setting for a perfect evening. Here are a few places that I enjoy eating at in some of Rome’s beach areas that are close to Rome city. Why not take a day trip to soak up the beach atmosphere and stay on for dinner in one of these top pick restaurants!




SPERLONGA – Most memorable beach a couple hours from Rome. 


Bazzano Beach. The Best Seafood Restaurants on the beach near Rome, Italy.

Bazzano Beach, 

Via Flacca

Sperlonga is my favorite beach near Rome (and further afield too). Bazzano Beach, one of the more popular restaurants has a balcony 10 meters from the beach. You won’t get the best deal for price here but it’s just over average (€50 for antipasto, primo, secondo and wine). You do get value for money with abundant portions and fresh, simple and tasty food with very polite staff, and a location to die for. How amazing to sip white wine while watching the sun go down along a long strip of white sand and tranquil sea.

There are many other dining options in the pristine and picturesque white-washed hill town of Sperlonga above the beach where you can dine tucked into a small piazza in a maze of characterful stuccoed alcoves. These restaurants again are not the cheapest usually (€18-€25 approx. per fish dish) but most have great service and quality seafood to show for it.

Sperlonga has a magical feel to it, which makes the couple hours by train from Rome centre totally worth the trip!


OSTIA – The closest beach to Rome


Ristorante Salus. The Best Seafood Restaurants on the beach near Rome, Italy.


Ristorante Gelateria Salus

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli (Near pontile di Ostia)

Ostia, the closest beach to Rome city and reachable by metro-train is a popular option for an evening spent by the sea. There are also many bar-kiosks on the beach to grab a refreshing cocktail before dinner while lounging on the sand. When I get peckish I usually opt for beachfront Ristorante Gelateria Salus. Sleek and well organised, with it’s arched glass entrance I feel like I’m entering an aquarium tunnel. It used to be a ‘stabilimento’ where you could pay to use their decking area outback right on the beach or take a dunk in their pool. In recent years they reinvented the space and it now acts as an indoor and outdoor attractive dining area with romantic tables surrounded by palms and foliage within earshot of the waves rolling on the beach. The staff is attentive and professional with a good wine and seafood selection for reasonable prices (Approx. €9-13 pasta, €12-16 fish/seafood) After dinner why not do as many Italians do; pick up some ice cream at their in-house gelateria by the front entrance then stroll to the nearby pier (Pontile di Ostia) where young and old come to chat in the evening air. (Coincidently, this is also where my lovely Italian beau and I had our very first kiss, only to be comically interrupted a few seconds later by a guy selling roses).


 FIUMICINO – The trick up my sleeve for best seafood!


amelindo fritti

Amelindo, Fiumicino. The Best Seafood Restaurants on the beach near Rome, Italy.


Lungomare della Salute, 111

A surprise location for a great meal, Fiumicino beach near the main airport is my all-time favourite place for succulent seafood near Rome. I don’t know what it is, it just always tastes fantastic! A strip of restaurants and bars and low-rise villas line the long simple neighbourhood beachfront. With a low wall blocking the sand it’s admittedly not the most attractive beach, but therein lies the secret of some of the best seafood dining near Rome for great value too. At Amelindo the food is unpretentious, generous, good value and ridiculously fresh; some of their fare is on display in their large aquariums and freezer displays just inside the attractive glass entrance. The indoor seating area is huge and bustling and although it fills up quickly, you shouldn’t have to wait too long, (though going a little early to ask for a table would be a good idea on a weekend).



Ristorante Oltremare, Fiumicino. The Best Seafood Restaurants on the beach near Rome, Italy.

Risorante Oltremare

Lungomare della Salute, 109

A few doors down is Ristorante Oltremare, a chic looking restaurant that belies its good value with wine cask and attractive beach kitsch décor. Here the food is a little more imaginative with some of the best muscles I’ve had in a while and great white wine. With indoor and outdoor seating, it’s a good choice for a romantic, good-looking spot with a view of the sea.





I was taught this seafood meal combo by my Italian man and his friends and it’s a go-to now whenever I eat out at a seafood restaurant. If you would like some tips on what to order this could be a good place to start! Firstly, order a bowl of fresh muscles to share nestled in delicious aromatic juices that you soak up with your bread. Next, try a seafood or fish pasta of your choice, Pasta alle Vongole (pasta with clams) is a popular choice. Finally, if your stomach can manage it order a delicious shared platter of mixed fried seafood; calamari, a variety of small fish and often baby octopus in a light crisp batter drizzled with lemon juice. But feel free to order whatever you like, there are no rules that say you must order starters, firsts and seconds; this is just an idea for treating yourself! Get the house white wine to accompany your meal, and maybe finish on some zingy sorbet or ice cream in another location for an after-dinner walk. Fantastic!


Fregene :

This long clean beach is known for its party atmosphere and many bars with funky seating areas on the beach thumping out chilled dance music in the evenings. There is a good selection of restaurants in the low buildings lining the beach, but for the love of pasta DO NOT go to Blu seafood restaurant. Well designed with a lovely sprawling decking area and bar on the beach, they know they look good and come off as arrogant as a result often totally ignoring their clients even when approached, shockingly so (in my experience). You’ll come away in a bad mood, which is not what you’re looking for on a beach day! I feel they have earned a little bad karma for me to advise you all to avoid it.


For how to get to all of these locations look up website for train connections. (Ostia is reachable by a separate Ostia metro-train line that goes from Pyramide or San Paolo metro stop for €1.50 and takes about 40 minutes. Sperlonga has a local bus that takes you from the train station Fondi-Sperlonga to the beach in about 15 minutes. Tickets for buses are available in bars and shops with the big blue and white T sign which stands for Tabbachi, usually in or around the train stations. If unsure which bus, just ask the driver ‘spiaggia?’ which means beach, he’ll know what you mean!)



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