Vintage mystery caves, Navona

To find out more about the hip area of Navona check out the ‘UI Areas of Rome’ page. Smack bang in the middle of town right by Piazza Navona is a winding cobbled street that surprisingly leads to a huddle of quality vintage stores. Packed to the gills, the entrances gape at you like mystery caves displaying straps, suspenders and sparkles. You can find just about anything here while sifting through the treasure in each swollen shop. Often the owners and sometimes a dog or two hang out in front. These vintage caves were like a mirage to me when I first arrived in Rome, amid the hyped touristy atmosphere of the centre. The twisty streets often lead in the wrong direction so make a note of the street before you go. Prices are mid-level (average €30-€60). Via Governo Vecchio, Roma.




Categories: UI Shopping in Rome

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